• Designer smiles – improving your smile with veneers.

    Posted on August 2, 2012

    Have you ever looked at the perfect smiles you’ve seen on TV, in movies, in magazines and wondered to yourself, “How did s/he get that smile? It’s so white . . . so straight . . . so, well, perfect!”Chances are, these stunning people weren’t born with amazing smiles. More than likely they had their beautiful smiles designed and created just for them. And the good news? Dr Leo can use the same techniques to help improve your smile using veneers – and for a lot less than you think!

    Veneers are thin porcelain or composite coverings that are placed over the natural teeth much like false fingernails. They can hide imperfections such as chips, stains, or uneven spacing, and can be used to reshape your smile. They offer a natural look and feel, and allow your dentist to dramatically change the length, width, color and shape of a tooth.There are two main types of veneers – porcelain or composite. Each has its advantages. Porcelain veneers are longer wearing and virtually stain resistant, while Composite veneers are a tooth-colored resin made from a filling type material, which makes them more cost effective.

    All veneers are custom-fit and tailored to meet your individual specific needs and desired look. Take a look at our smile gallery at the great results one of our recent patients recently had with composite veneers to restore his worn teeth to a natural, more beautiful looking smile.