• Injex Needle-free system now available at Floss Dental

    Posted on August 2, 2012

    Good news for needle phobics! Floss Dental is excited to now offer a needle-free option to administer local anaesthesia.

    Injex is a revolutionary way of administering local anaesthetic without the use of a needle. The injector uses air pressure to deliver a fine stream of medication into the area to be numbed.

    One click and it’s all over – with no pain and minimal discomfort. The Injex cartridge is simply placed against the gums and the dentist presses the button. Patients describe the sensation as like a little “flick” and within seconds the tooth is numb.The system is used by other medical professions administer a range of medications, and is safe enough to be used daily by diabetics to inject insulin.

    For more information about Injex, feel free to email us or pop by our clinic.